Welcome — Day One


WOW, those are words I thought I would NEVER say… along with something like: “Alex, let’s make it a True Daily Double” or “No thank you, I don’t care for chocolate”.

But, it’s October 2014, and here I am with blog, a website (www.twincreekquilts.com), and a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/twincreekquilts), as well as dabbling in Pinterest (TwinCreek Quilts) and Instagram (twincreekquilts)… phew!!!

I’m not exactly sure what prompted me to start this blog, since I am certainly not very knowledgeable in the whole “tech” area. Nor am I a brilliant scholar with important things to say that the world wants to hear. Having said that though, I AM a lover of all things fabric and fibre art and the whole creative process. I can be awed and inspired when confronted by a unique fibre design, while at the same time the simplicity of a traditional pieced block quilt still makes me want to get behind my sewing machine and get to work.

I’m pretty sure that right now I can’t promise to be on a regimented schedule when it comes to maintaining this blog. But, what I am hoping to accomplish is being able to share with you my thoughts and ideas on Quilting and Fibre Arts, letting you know what projects I am working on, and featuring stories and quilts that have been important to me in the past and that have gotten me here where I am today. Who knows, maybe some of my very talented friends will be talked into making guest appearances and showing some of their projects to you as well.

So, it is with great pleasure, a bit of trepidation, and a lot of hope, that I welcome you to these pages!

Thank you, from Twin Creek Quilts, and me – Carol!!