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Who Am I?

Twin Creek Quilts is a home-based business in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia operated by me…. Carol Chernov.  My Shop features a variety of quilts, tablecloths, AppyMats©, quilted Vintage Linens and other Fibre Art items.

I hope you’ll find something you like here, whether it’s a gift for a new baby, a birthday/wedding celebration, a “Hostess” gift, or maybe you just want a cozy quilt for yourself.

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My Favourite Quilts

(by Carol Chernov)


Life Gets In The Way


From start to finish, this quilt was thought about and worked on for over ten years. With many life challenges thrown in it’s path, and a healthy dose of procrastination, it was finally completed in 2008. It still remains one of my favourite, but most difficult, quilts I have ever done.  The pattern is from the very well known book by Karen K. Stone “New York Beauty”.




I had bought a Queen Size Wholecloth quilt top from Christian Lane Quilters, hoping that at some point in my life I would have enough time to attempt to quilt it.  When an illness in the family resulted in many hours at home, I was able to find that time.  This quilt totally cured me from any angst of sitting at the sewing machine doing Free-Motion Quilting, and instead I learned to just “go for it!”




This king size quilt, completed in the 1990’s was machine pieced and hand quilted.  Although it’s decades old, and took literally months to hand quilt, I still cherish every stitch, as I cherish my brother and sister-in-law, for whom it was made.


Lap Quilt for Mary


This was a commissioned piece a few years ago by a good friend.  She found the inner panel, then added the gold border and used Broderie Perse method for adding the floral accents from the outer border to flow into the inner border.  It was great fun to machine quilt this piece for her, and I believe she loves to read in her favourite chair with this lap quilt to keep her cozy!

My Philosophy

Quilt Till You Wilt.

Enjoy Every Day.

Chocolate Is Necessary.

“What good is the world at your fingertips if you never actually touch it??”
(from an auto-makers’ magazine ad)

“I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes- and six months later you start all over again!!”

(from Joan Rivers …. RIP)




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It is glaringly apparent that I am a Quilter, NOT a WebWizard.

With heartfelt thanks I acknowledge the people that without them all of this would NEVER have happened — Ryan Griffiths (www.autoboxmedia.com) and Jamie Anderson (www.fortdesignco.com).

These are two of the busiest people I know that took time out of their VERY hectic lives to help me get organized.

You guys are the BEST

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